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HIPAA Security

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has tightened HIPAA security laws requiring a higher degree of data monitoring. We can assist with development of robust policies and procedures to help protect patient data and keep you in compliance.

Primary Care

Learn about the technology associated with Patient-Centered Medicine from the recently published book entitled: E-Health, Assistive Technologies and Applications for Assisted Living and the first chapter written by the CEO; Patient Centered Medicine and Technology Adaptation.


Telemedicine programs often start out as grass-roots efforts. The specific applications differ but the concept is the same. The decision to implement a program such as tele-pathology is driven by financial issues, requirements and vision. There is much to consider.


As available research dollars continue to diminish, grant applications need to be that much stronger. In our highly interconnected world, you have the option to append collaborators such as Patient Data Engineering to your programs to strengthen proposals and increase the likelihood of being funded.


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